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bluegreenpplI have been working with clients as a link builder since 2001 and actively promote a number of personal sites so my link building skills are sharp and reflect current tactics that work.

My training sessions don’t spout the latest rhetoric because it is trendy, I offer proven tactics and experienced insights by using the media, promotions and traditional marketing to build links.

Keep in mind  the so-called “tricks” and advice you read on link building are also seen by thousands of people, by the time the information hits the Web it’s old news or worse, has been spammed to death.  A lot of what I share you won’t find published publicly which will help you get ahead of the competition.

I understand it is important to obtain links from similar businesses, both from a marketing and search engine point of view.  Link building is all about establishing collaborative partnerships between companies in similar and complementary industries to leverage what each can bring to the Web table. It is about making the right connection to benefit your website in terms of brand, ranking and revenue growth.  Doing this takes time and expertise, it also takes practice, patience and creativity.

I can’t teach patience but I can help with the rest. If you are looking for new link building ideas, want an easy-to-read marketing outline of what your competitors are doing and how you can take advantage of them or need intense, in-depth training for your in-house staff, check out my link training sessions below.


Fresh Links, New Ideas

Session length:  30 or 90 minutes
Conducted:  Via webinar

Stumped for new link building and content ideas? Need fresh link sources and opportunities?  If you are looking for ways to grow your link base, this session will cover a variety of link building techniques and show you where to look for new linking partners. Customized for your industry you’ll walk away with a written outline of potential partner sites, content development ideas and traditional tactics you can use to attract and secure links.


Competitors Beware!

Session length:  Two hours
Conducted:  Via webinar

Most people think websites ranking in front of them are competitors but I’ll show you how sites ranking behind you and those you don’t see are definite threats to your success.  We’ll compare your backlink profile to major competitors, deconstruct their actions and pull the “good stuff” to take advantage of the marketing footprints they’ve created.  Session includes a written outline of linking opportunities found in and competitive marketing intelligence.


In-House Link Building and Content Marketing Training

Session length:  Eight hours or more
Conducted:  In person

When big-name SEO’s and online marketers need a brush-up or help with staff, I’m one they turn to. If your in-house team needs to be brought up to speed on what’s working or not, if they need new processes and outlines, tactics, techniques and tool reviews, this session will help. Done in-person, I will spend an entire day or two working with your link building staff to sharpen their skills, update their tactics and act as a sounding and education board.

This training program includes an one hour pre-consultation and three hours of post-training follow-up.


All three services are priced based on your industry and its competitive level.  If you are new to SEO or do not have a good understanding of SEO and/or how the search engines work, my training services are not for you.

For more information and a rate quote, please fill out the form below.  Serious inquires only please, thank you!

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All training sessions are industry customized and include the latest tools, news and trends. Sessions are provided at the intermediate level. If you are brand new to link building my training programs might not be for you.

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