Service Providers

I am often asked to recommend tools and services, here are my top picks:

Infographics:   Avalaunch Media (Mat Siltala)

Pay Per Click:  KeyRelevance  (Christine Churchill)

Link Building  PushFire (Sean Dolan/Rae Hoffman )

Link Building:   LinkFishMedia (Julie Joyce)

Web Design:    HitReach (Chris Gilchrist)

Copywriting:    Angie’s Copywriting  (Angie Nikoleychuk)

Video Production:  I don’t have anyone to recommend at the moment but find this site an awesome resource for all things video  ReelSEO Video Production

My list of service providers can implement any tactic we discuss, they are known for their savvy and attention to detail, they’re the best of the best in the industry.  And they are pretty great people too! :)

Recommended Tools

SEOBook Tools  Offers multiple SEO tools and an awesome reading resource.  My favorite tool is the HubFinder.

Buffer AppAllows you to schedule and share what you find on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you see me tweeting, chances are its coming from my Buffer App.

Instapaper - Allows you to save pages for reading later

Ontolo –  Utility link building toolset

Link Prospector – Utility link tool

WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder – Utility tool for local links

SpyOnWeb –  Enter an URL, Google adsense or analytics code and find out what resources belong to the same owner.

InfiniGraph  - Tracks what’s trending in your social media circles