Link Building Webinars For Newbies

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Are you new to SEO?  Are you interested in a career as a link builder? If yes, my webinars will provide a solid and well-rounded education on the art and science of link building.

When it comes to link building, knowing when, where, and how to build links is important if you want to rank well, aquire targeted traffic and build brand.  My one-on-one webinars are designed to help webmasters new to SEO understand the basics of link popularity and create a solid link building program they can use immediately to start building links. 

I do all of the webinars personally, the content is changed frequently to reflect what is working and what you should avoid.  Take all five and you’ll have a well rounded blueprint of link building tactics and a solid understanding of link building for SEO.

Each webinar is 90 minutes long (except LB Basics) and provides:

  • A laundry list of link building tactics.  (each webinar will cover at least ten tactics)
  • A list of sample sources.  I’ll save you some time and give you the links to submit to
  • A list of link building tools to support the tactics we share
  • Personal insights and “tips” you don’t hear discussed in public forums

That last point is important, most of the tactics and sources discussed publicly have been discussed publicly which means they may not be very effective.  I discuss what is working and cover tactics you don’t hear as much about but still net quality links.

 The webinars:

  • Getting Started, Link Building Basics*
  • Foundational Link Building
  • Attracting Links With Social Media
  • Link Marketing Through Content
  • Link Building Through Universal Search

All of the webinars I offer are done on a 101 basic level, if you’re an intermediate to advanced webmaster, they are not for you. 

* I recommend the Link Building Basics webinar to anyone coming into the industry without any prior SEO knowledge, it will explain the concept of link popularity and how to use it.  If you want to succeed in SEO, you need to fully understand how and why link popularity works otherwise you will struggle with  the other webinars and SEO in general.  

The rest of the webinars require a basic  + working knowledge of SEO, if you have that you’ll be fine.   

Here’s an outline of each training session: 

Foundational Link Building

Webinar description:  How to secure and use foundational links such as directory, association, profile, and comment links plus how to write and send link requests.

Just as you would build a foundation for your home, you need a base of foundational links to support your SEO efforts.  In this webinar I’ll outline a laundry list of types of foundational links, show you how to get them and provide links to over 50 sources.

This session also includes sending traditional email requests and basic press releases tactics.  There is an art form to email, I’ll provide a couple of templates you can use when reaching out to potential link partners as well as a basic press release template.

Cost:  $395.00 US per person


Attracting Links With Social And Traditional Media

Webinar description:  How to aquire links by using social and traditional media outlets.

Both Google and Bing now use social signals (to some degree) in their ranking algorithms so it’s important to have a strong social marketing strategy in place.  This webinar will focus on growing your follower base and show how to use the social networking, bookmarking, news and microblogging sites to aquire links.  It also reviews how to use social media press releases and provides a resource listing of journalists and online publications you can use to develop media relationships.

Cost:  $395.00 US per person


Link Marketing With Content

Webinar description:  Where to find the best sites to host your content.

When it comes to ranking well, it’s not how you link that matters, it’s where. Knowing where to find the best sites and convincing them to host your content are two huge hurdles to get over in link building.  In this webinar  I’ll show you how to create content people will link to, pass on to their friends and get picked up by the media.  I’ll also share my best tips for finding quality sites to host your content.

Cost $395.00 US per person


Building Links Through Universal Search

Webinar description: How to build links and promote brand with Universal search elements

Tired of seeing video, news, Wikipedia and local results displayed before yours?  Want to increase your online visiability and show up in multiple elements such as video and news displays?   We understand and feel a “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude is the best approach in this case.

In this webinar I’ll show you how to increase your percentage of pages showing in Universal search and by securing links from elements found in Universal results.

Cost:  $395 US per person


Getting Started, Link Building Basics

Webinar description:  An introduction to link popularity and link building

If you’re brand new to SEO, this webinar is a must.  Knowing how and why link popularity affects the way a page ranks is extremely important, understand the concept and your link building will be easier and more successful.

In this webinar we’ll review the four components of link popularity, look at each in real-time and discuss best practice strategies and tactics.  Session is 60 minutes long.

Cost:  $295 US per person


If you order four or more webinars, deduct 10% from the total price.  Each webinar is designed as a solo presentation, for group trainings, please email debra at alliance-link.com for more information.


The fine but bold print:  I put a lot of effort into these webinars, the content is updated frequently and reflects the latest changes to the search algorithms.  I don’t use cookie cutter approaches or offer easy fixes, my tactics involve marketing strategies and creative tradional and social media solutions as well as traditional SEO.  If you’re looking for a list of easy solutions, my webinars are not for you. 

For more information on my link building webinars, please contact me today!